Terms of Engagement

Allandon Services Limited is pleased to be able to offer the professional services of Allan J. Donovan (Legal Consultant)

Allan deals with commercial law generally, commercial contracts, local authority contracts and procurement including EU procurement, and consumer law.

Fees for engagement may be on an hourly, daily or fixed project basis. The rate will vary depending upon the complexity of the matter(s) to be undertaken but will generally be set at a minimum of £85 per hour plus expenses and disbursements.

Allan is based on the borders of London and Essex but will travel when necessary. Time spent away from base will attract travel, hotel and subsistence charges as applicable, to be agreed with the client prior to accepting instructions.

All terms and charges will be agreed with the client in advance, prior to the acceptance of any instructions.

Providing certain conditions are met it may also be possible to accept instructions from third party agencies. In such circumstances the hourly rate and charges will be subject to negotiation.

Allandon Services Limited